Visualizing Research - A Guide to the Research Process in Art and Design
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This book is about learning - learning to do research. It is generally accepted that learning in Art and Design is experiential. We learn most effectively by doing - by active experience, and reflection on that experience. We learn through practice, through research, and through reflection on both. This active and reflective learning makes a dynamic relationship between practice and research. Practice raises questions that can be investigated through research, which in turn impacts on practice. The framework for this learning is the academic framework of postgraduate degrees involving student-centred learning strategies and project-based work. This framework provides explicit structure and criteria for learning.

There is now a considerable demand for specific art and design related research training materials in an accessible form. We believe this demand will continue to increase as postgraduate funding opportunities develop through bodies such as the UK’s Arts and Humanities Research Council. A strategic priority of AHRC is the development of innovative and creative research methods. This book aims to encourage research and masters students to consider exactly that whilst demanding a rigorous and reflective approach.

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"This is a great book for any practice-based researcher. I'm in the closing stages of a PhD and I really wish I'd read this at the beginning of my research project. .... I would certainly recommend this to anybody who is undertaking practice-based research in creative disciplines (especially those in the early stages)."

Amazon Review, A. McDonald, Glasgow, 2010

Read an extended review by Donna Lee Brien, CQUniversity, Australia - click here to download

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